Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 {Smokey Bones & Charlie Brown}

Today is day one of my Project 365 - I will do my BEST to take and post at least ONE photo per day for the next 365 days! I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I will! And remember, it's not too late to start your own Project 365!

Recently Hubbalicious won a big charcoal grill/smoker from work.

We've used it a few times for regular grilling (wow, I forgot how great food tastes from a charcoal grill - we've been cooking on gas for 10 years now), however today, Hubbalicious thought to try out the "smoking" side of life (or the grill anyway). So he bought some slabs of ribs and got to smoking.....

While the hubalicious was out smoking away, Boy Wonder, Miss Pop Star and Lil' Diva Girl played outside. One on of my "checkin in" moments with Hubbalicious I looked over the see this.... in the backyard

Apparently my kids are continuing the Christmas celebration into the new year - this is their attempt at what can only be described as the best little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree ever!

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