Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 - {Peck Peck Peckering & Big Boss}

Today I was doing final prepwork on my "job" (I mean really, can you call it that when you have wayyyy lotsa fun doing it?) that I was doing tonight for some friends - sadly (or maybe in everyones best interest) this job doesn't include me scantilly clad coming home with many dollar bills :) ....

Anyhow, back to my story ... so I was there just prepping away when Hubbalicious came in to let me know that there was a Red Headed Pecker in the backyard... and I thought "OMG WHAT" then I realized he meant a WOODpecker :). So I grabbed Lola (thats what I lovingly refer to my camera as these days) and my zoomer (lens) and ran out the door (almost forgetting to grab a sweater - ALMOST)... I was able to snap a few shots of Mr. Woody before he flew the coop (or in this case a dead tree)

Do you see him?
On the left you can see his face, but in the one on the right he's got his head into the hole he made in the tree.

Then I saw a BEAUTIFUL Cardinal - and in fact realized there where three of them. I was able to capture two of them before they all flew away.

And last but not least for you today.... I went to help the Mimi with a "special" project -- Painting a room in her house as a surprise for my dad (he's out of town - he's always surprised my mom with a "makeover" in the house of some sort - ranging from completely gutting a kitchen or master bedroom to simple as buying new porch railings or a front door) so she decided to do the same for him this time. Oh and by the way - on the whole surprise thing --- just because someones favorite color is say... blue, it doesn't mean it'd be their favorite color in a master bedroom makeover. Complete with doors, built in, new flooring, and a CUSTOM made window seat cover and draperies to match... ahem, I'm just saying..... That was LOADS of fun to repaint in two tone green after the "surprise" didn't quite get the reaction that we wanted.... :) (and to think, Mimi thought she was being funny when she told me I could blog that story...haha jokes on YOU Mimi)
So in light of my new $80 hairdo, I didn't want it to be ruined by paint (and I had my teaching engagement tonight so I didn't want to be picking paint out of my hair right before dashing out for that...) so I had to fashion a makeshift "cover".... So what do you think? Its my husbands work hat, plus a dishtowel for a "drape" --- I even went through a local drivethru in that getup for a Diet Coke (easy ice)!!!
And G-ma found great humor in my t-shirt today -- so I figured I'd go ahead and share that with you too --- and I must say, I am the BEST!


  1. OMG seriously you look like the construction workers in the summer. Too funny.