Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 {Toys & Tylenol}

So what do you think that kids buy at a toy store? Well I've certainly got the answer for you today. In day 2 of Project 365 I'm going to give you a real glimpse into what happens from a trip to the toy store.... Thanks to a little Christmas cheer in the form of gift cards from Nana Linda we took a field trip to find out just what kids of all ages would want to buy....

What does Little Diva Girl (almost 4) buy?
Then you may ask - what does Miss Pop Star (age 7) buy? After more than an hours deliberation this is how it turned out.......

What does The Boy Wonder choose? Well one of these of course.... yea, it's double barrell

But the question that burns in EVERYONES mind is ---- what exactly does a 32 year old kid buy??? - the answer is OBVIOUS...DUH!
And you of course can't forget these......
What does a mommy buy after a 2.5 hour trip to Toys R Us????
Sadly Monkey Man had to leave empty handed...but he was easily consoled with one large Waffle cut into bite size pieces (sorry, forgot to lug Ol' Bessie with me for the photo op)! Then he called for a nap.

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