Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 - {Checking Up}

Today was what I'd like to call a bit of a stressful day ---- it didn't start out that way of course.... but I'm definately glad I get a do-over tomorrow --- a fresh day, a fresh new sunrise....

Today I'm sharing some photos taken just prior to putting Boy Wonder and Miss Pop Star on the bus. The photo above was taken when we first walked out the door.

These photos were taken just moments after...

There is Boy Wonder and Miss Pop Star all bundled up (it was 33 degrees this morning) - I've warmed up the car each morning this week and just pulled into the front yard from the carport for them to wait for the bus. I'd prefer them NOT to get sick from the cold wind that is blowing (making it feel much cooler than the 33 degrees), plus frankly, I don't want to stand in the cold either. So, we hang out in teh warm car, them in their coats, hats and gloves, and myself in my pajammies. Once the bus comes and they skitter off to school I just pull back into the carport and go inside where Monkey Man & Lil' Diva Girl are soon to be rising from their slumbers.

This is over my across the street neighbors house after the bus arrived. Approximately 10 minutes or so after the other photos where taken. I LOVE the golden fire of the sunrise in the trees.

The start of my crummy day happened here... well not in these photos, but not long after... when the nurse came in to administer Monkey Mans 12 month vaccinations... he wasn't happy, and I wasn't either because I had to help hold him down for him to get stick THREE times!
Prior to that he was ALL smiles as you can see!

He thought it was THE BEES KNEES to crawl back and forth with lightening speed on the exam table. I think I need a roll of that doctor exam table paper stuff for the living room...he thought it was just the BEST noise ever!

"Please doctor... do I HAVE to let you look in my ears? mouth? diaper? WHAT you want to look into my diaper... I'm sooooo mom is right there with a camera...can't you see?"
Well at least I'm pretty sure that is what he was thinking when I snapped that one!

the report....
Monkey Man at 12 months 2 weeks old is a happy, healthy, thriving 12 month 2 week old ...monkey. The official weigh in was 24 lb. 12 oz and a height of 30.5 inches long.
He got his chicken vaccine, his hippopotomus vaccine and his pickle vaccine (aka: Varicella, HiB, and Prevnar).
Lil' Diva Girl did so well sitting in a chair in the exam room during the checkup and vaccines. She read books from the book basket, and told Monkey Man it was okay, he didn't have to cry. She got a piece of sugar free pink gum from the Doctor.... clearly she got the better deal out of this visit...

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