Friday, January 1, 2010

The Purpose.....

I'm starting this year with a purpose.... yup, a purpose. I don't intend to have resolutions, just purposes. So my first purpose is to join in on something I've been watching others do for some time now and that is a Project 365. My intent/goal/purpose - take and post at least ONE new photograph each day for the next 365 days, beginning today.

I would imagine most would involve my children, but perhaps some will be of random things I find in the day that make my finger (that one that presse the shutter) twitch.....

I've already taken a few to share today - and once I get the baby down for a nap, I fully intend to download them and then create my Day 1 post.

I hope to come to this blog daily and make my posts...however, given my track record with blogging, it almost seems too lofty of a goal, but never fear, I gave myself a backup - I plan to create an album, Project 365, on my Facebook page and share there. I figure I'm ALWAYS there anyway so that SHOULD NOT be a problem.... but I hope that I can motivate myself to post here as well...daily.

My purpose of this purpose... not only to chronicle our life one day at a time, but to also hopefully become a better photographer. I hope that 2010 will allow me to hone my skills wether by working with other photographers, experimenting, and or taking various classes offered in my area (and perhaps even beyond).

We'll see how it goes....... this has GOT to be easier than say, losing 100 lbs in a year right? Right?

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